National Drink Wine Day


This Saturday, February 18th, 2017 Is National Drink Wine Day! Many of us love the thought of opening a chilled bottle of wine to end the day with or to share with our friends, but do we really know anything about wine? Of course everyone can say they have at one point drank some nasty tasting wine. ( and no i am not talking about MadDog 20/20 or Boone’s Farm from high school. And no that is not me) fans16_big There are many choices of wine for every palate but if it is stored wrong or has a bad cork, it can leave an ugly taste in your mouth. Temperature can also play a big part in taste. A good rule of thumb is any sparkling wine or champagne should be 40degrees, a Chardonnay should be 50degrees and a Merlot at a warm 65degrees.

This last week I ventured to the store and picked up a new wine that caught my eye, “Apothic DARK” Red Blend California 2014. The bottle reads: There’s romance in darkness, it draws our curiosity and beckons a desire to taste the unknown. Apothic Dark blends dark fruit flavors of blueberry and black berry with opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate for a rich, yet silky smooth, wine experience. 


The very first thing I noticed about Apothic Dark, was the cork. Never have I seen such a supreme BLACK Cork.   The next was the aroma of coffee.  Although I didn’t get the dark chocolate or the berries, I could taste them. The color is a deep purple, no light is able to penetrate this wine.  Pairing this with chocolate makes it smooth.


Apothic Dark isn’t to just drink alone, you can also mix a cocktail with ginger.

Apothic Dark Ginger Cocktail

So enjoy your wine this weekend. Drink responsibily and venture out to the unknown.


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One thought on “National Drink Wine Day

  1. Christine L. says:

    I’m definitely not a “refined” wine drinker, I’m one of those people that will put ice in red wine *gasp*. But give me a good Mascato to drink and it’s all good.

    Liked by 1 person

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