Sexy Food


Foodgasm: The euphoric sensation upon eating amazingly delicious food.

But why not combine this with sex? Food and sex are two of the most basic needs for animal behavior. In many primal cultures, you can even see partners sharing food with each other to help the survival of procreation.

I don’t have to remind you of societies hidden jesters of the local fruits and vegetables. Even nature is obsessed with our sex.

Sex and food go hand in hand. Think about it. From the insect world of the male sagebrush cricket, who allows the female to feed on his hind wings during copulation. To the grew wolf who hunts and supplies food for his alpha female. If we want sex, we all hope there is some food involved.

Spice up the bedroom (excuse the pun) and incorporate simple finger foods like strawberries, cherries, cut up melons or blue berries.  I would suggest prepping them by cutting off the stems and placing them on a plate to serve. Or get wild with Popsicle’s, gummy bears or Pop-rocks. Keep it light and fun in nature. You want to lick your fingers because of the sweetness and not the BBQ sauce.

An important note ladies, be careful about food and your love buttons. Many a women have found themselves with a yeast infection (and no not the bread kind) a few days later. Finishing off with a sexy bath or shower will aide in clean up.

Above all, have fun. Enlighten your sense with taste, smell, sight and feel of the food.






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