Men, Check Yourselves


April is testicular cancer awareness month so I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a little bit of information on the leading cancer in men for ages 15 -44. When caught early there is a 95 percent survival rate, however the key phrase being “detected early”.

There are many sources on the internet that talk about testicular cancer awareness, and site after site all mention the best way to survive this type of cancer is early detection. One source I have discovered is the “Get a Grip” campaign. The campaign talks about ways to examine yourself once a month, much the same that is recommended with women and breast cancer.

The “Get A Grip” campaign web page points out that because young men haven’t been informed or taught the importance of a self-exam, death for testicular cancer in the 15-34 age group outpaces the number of deaths from breast cancer by women in the same age group.

So fellas, please take a few minutes to do a little research on testicular cancer, a few minutes of reading may just save your life, besides the longer us men live, the longer we get to stick and around and be a thorn in the sides of women.

For more information, Click Here


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