Father’s Day


Father’s Day

Many will talk about their own father or absence of around Father’s Day. Today I want to talk about what it means to be a great father to my own children. As many of us do, we also have a blended family. My children know two fathers who are active in their lives, biological and a stepfather. I do not need to individualize them, as both have stepped up to the plate and are positive role models.  My children and I are very lucky to have them both in our lives. According to the National Center for Fathering, more than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father and 40% of these children have not seen their father in the last year. Of course we all know that mothers are very capable of raising children by themselves, but if we don’t have to, then why? I can’t stress enough how important the father/child relationship is.

jordan-mcqueen-1290Let’s take the activity of jumping on moms head or climbing and body-slamming me in the tummy as I’m trying to get out of bed. No Thank You. Please go jump on your dad! Here is a great video on the importance of roughhousing with your child.


Another key point in becoming a great father to my children is learning to love their mother. This doesn’t have to be flowers and kisses but it does have to show caring and respect when speaking to or about myself in front of our kids. When a child sees that their parents care and respect each other, then everything is right in the world. They also learn and mimic the relationship therefore preparing for their own marriage someday. Great father’s will keep trying no matter how many times they hear “I hate you”, “you never let me do anything” or “but mom said it was okay”.  Have fun with your kids, bring them up with thick skin but a gentle heart and above all, teach them how to love their mother.

I want to encourage everyone to give the fathers you know a break this Sunday. Everyday should be Father’s Day and if you ask me, it looks like hard work. Don’t believe me, just watch here




For more tips on Father’s and parenting, see these websites:







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