When you hear the word Vixen, what comes to mind? A beautiful well dressed lady? A sexy young dancer? A contemporary chic fashion model? A classy working woman? The fantasy girl next door? That Hot MILF? Long flowing hair, high bun, edgy shorter cut, glasses, contacts, thin, proportioned, curvy, straight, bi, gay, spiritual, no belief, tall, short, Vixen. Let me tell you, we are all of these. You and I are Vixens. We are who we want to be, when we want to be.

The word “Tactic” means “Art of an arrangement”. We are here to help arrange your Vixen life. You are here to learn about the blending of reality with sexiness. We are all busy with jobs, family and just life in general. When do you make time for you? Here. We welcome you in all your glory. Come visit, learn and incorporate your inner Vixen.

Vixen Tactics presents you with many different contributors for the many different vixens. We welcome your comments and suggestions for future blogs. Enjoy your ride.




*Our Photo Credit is given to the talented Sheila Davis