How does Make Up Make Us Feel?

When you think of the word ‘Beauty’, what comes to mind? Flawless skin, the perfect hairdo with that killer dress? Or inner beauty possibly: the ability to be kind and generous, even in difficult times. When I think of the word beauty, so many things come to mind, and that’s the best part of being beautiful. It means something different to everyone.
Inner beauty is such an essential part of life. Without inner beauty, I truly believe that this world would not survive. As a Vixen, I try daily to be the best woman I can be. Sometimes that doesn’t translate on the outside (i.e. doing your makeup everyday) but I make it a priority for it to shine from within. Hug your kids and tell them how smart and wonderful they are, love on your partner and make them feel wanted. Be the best woman you can be.
If you are already excelling in the inner beauty department (you go girl!) but you are in need of some direction in the outward beauty department that is where this blog topic comes in. Most of us have likely seen and/or heard about all of the hundreds of thousands of makeup tutorials and products out there, but we have no idea where to start. We might even have some low self esteem and just wish we knew how to apply it correctly to get the look we want (been there, trust me). That is where I come in.
I hope you will feel comfortable to ask any questions you may have and comment on these tips and tricks. We always hear of these YouTube videos, but there isn’t an open dialogue where we can get real life and personal advice. I will be sharing my tries and fails, my go-to products as well as those that aren’t so dependable. You can expect personal reviews and suggestions as well. I will always share my honest and open opinion with you, and I am in no way sponsored or employed by any of the products I will ever speak about.
Let’s get the ball rolling Vixens!
xoxo Rebel


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