Eat Me

Valentine’s Day.

The 14th of February and another excuse to either celebrate or drown yourself in chocolate. The holiday originated as an ancient Roman festival of “Lupercalia”. (A fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15.)  And since Chocolate historians state the belief of the cacao beans contained divine properties, one could only imagine how chocolate could bring two lovers together. Chocolate contains a substance called phenylethylamine, a stimulant that can increase serotonin levels in the brain. A couple of studies have been done, and the resulting evidence is weak at best, according to internist Larry Cheskin, M.D., who is also the director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center. “There’s all sorts of weird associations with food, but those would be mostly psychological effects rather than something that has a true physiologic effect”. Cheskin says.

So rather its physical or psychological, Chocolate just tastes good. You don’t need to share it with anyone to enjoy the yummy goodness as it melts in your mouth.




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