Valentine’s Day

Roses, chocolates, bling, cute little stuffed animals. Is this what love looks like? I sure hope not. Many married couples remember the days of gifts given. Not to say they aren’t nice to receive, after all I promise I won’t turn down a nice piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s. What means more to me is the thought. The effort put forth. The time my spouse takes to think about me.

As a wife, the weight of the world is heavy. Between work, kids, paying bills, making appointments and finding time to sleep, life just seems heavy. If i have a spouse that would lighten my load, he is then forever appreciated.

The popular book by Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages, shows us just how we may tend to our spouses in their perfect need. We all know everyone is not wired the same. The wife may love acts of service (yes men, dishes and laundry will get you the most love) and the man may desire physical touch. (yes ladies, that means you have to hug your husband) When we are willing to take that extra step to really get to know our spouse and provide for their needs, love just follows. So for this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to communicate. Ask questions. Truly listen to one another. (without thinking about the next thing you are going to say) Grow in your love. Learn each others Love Language.


If you would like to take a quiz to see where your Love Language falls, click here. The Five Love Languages


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