Hot Toddy

Gone are the days of Grandma telling you to “Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever”.  But one of the old notions of treating a sore throat is preparing a Hot Toddy.

What is a Hot Toddy you say?  It is a mixture of hot whisky, water and honey. Of course there are many different ways to add flavor and healing elements to this concoction.

Recently I came across an amazing Tennessee Apple Pie moonshine by Short Mountain Distillery, thanks to my good friend Kirk in Nashville. My husband announced he was getting sick and could not quit coughing. So as any good wife would do, I gave him some moonshine. (of course alone would have made him cough more)


Hot Toddy it was.  Bringing to boil in a sauce pan:  (you may also add cloves or cinnamon for taste)

1/4 cup of Apple Pie Moonshine.

1/8 cup of lemon juice

1/4  cup of raw honey

Once it is brought to boil, remove from heat and pour into a cup of hot water.

Sip and enjoy. Now, my husband felt better and didn’t cough all night. Whether it was the herbal cure or the alcohol content we will never know. It did work though and he slept like a baby…wait, i mean a dad.