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Valentine’s day

Let me dive in here first and give a little background on a man’s perspective to the Valentines Holiday. Some men feel that Valentine’s Day is just another obligation they must fulfill in order to keep their significant other satisfied until the next calendar event comes along such as a  birthday or anniversary. Some men get stuck buying stuff all year long such as expensive trips to the salon, new shoes, new hand bags, new clothes, roses for when they do something wrong such as come home late from the bar, and the list goes on, doesn’t sound very romantic does it?

Now don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad thing to buy or do something nice for your significant other, it is a great way to show them that you admire and appreciate them. However, we seem to have become a society when women expect something special on Valentine’s Day, or otherwise their man is going to be in the dog house until he kisses her butt enough for her to forgive him, she won’t forget, but she may at least forgive him. We can also thank social media for turning us into a society where we feel compelled to brag about all the wonderful gifts your man got for you and how much more he must love you as if to say the more expensive the gift the stronger his love must be. So what can we do to help restore Valentine’s day to a special and meaningful day?

Men, open up your minds (and your wallets) and remember that even though Valentine’s Day may not seem important to you, it is special to a woman, they are not going to tell you or remind you that they look forward to this day, it is up to you to remember. So please, please, please try to do something a little above and beyond your normal routine, try to do something romantic or meaningful, trust me, it will mean more to her than you will ever know.

Now ladies try to remember the man’s brain focuses on 3 things, food, sports, and sex, that’s about the extent of it. So if your man gets you something for Valentine’s day, try to remember that you are lucky he remembered, it’s not the quantity or quality that matters, it’s the simple fact that he was thinking of you and tried to do something meaningful. Even if your man gets you camo colored onesie pajamas and it’s not the diamond or roses you were wanting, again, be thankful he tried, nothing crushes a man’s ego and feelings more than when you let him know the gift he got you is not appreciated.

Lastly if neither of you are into fancy gifts or romantic dinners, how about making a donation to your significant others favorite charity in their name? Valentine’s day does not have to be about chocolate, roses, and expected gifts, just try to make it something meaningful and special between the two of you.

Peace, love and happiness – Pragma

One thought on “The Male

  1. Brad Whitmore says:

    My wife and I early on learned that is not about material things. She does not want to be wowed but stuff. She wants to be acknowledged, she want to be listened to. Valentine’s day for us is really about remembering why we fell in love in first place. A day to remind ourselves of those core things that make us who we are, that foundation that our lives together are built on. You can’t see your heart, your soul, and your emotions. No amount of jewelry, clothes, flowers, or whatever will make those things visible. In fact they will probably obscure them.

    I find it funny when I see people that have spent hundreds of dollars on stuff. I recall even a few instances over the years of people telling me what I should get my wife, or what she deserves. There is inevitably someone that suggest flowers. Which is when I get to hit them with my favorite funny, but true, line. “One time I spent $50 on roses that died in seven days. Then one time I spent $50 to adopt a cat, he lived for seven years!”


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